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Our parent company, Smith Bell & Company, Inc. (SBCI) was founded in 1846 and is one of the oldest multifaceted business establishments in the country, reputed for its integrity, and professionalism.

ABC Global Employment & Manpower Services, Inc. (AGEMSI), was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary on 29 July 1994 to meet the ever-increasing demand for Filipino land-based manpower worldwide. The rapid industrial development in the world, the continued infrastructure boom and the demand for qualified service personnel in many sectors, highlights the need for foreign labor by host countries.

AGEMSI makes every effort to ensure that its Principals get the best candidates for every position. The rigid and comprehensive process in the selection of the successful candidate will validate the candidate’s educational background and professional qualifications.

The mandatory medical examinations always include psychological tests that would determine the candidate’s capacity to adapt mentally and physically to the peculiarities and exigencies of a foreign environment.

AGEMSI, backed by a complement of highly skilled and competent staff, has instituted rigid documentation and processing procedures designed to conform with all legal requirements for the immediate deployment of workers to their employment destinations. All government related formalities are strictly adhered to.

Travel arrangements are accordingly prepared to guarantee clients of a worry-free dispatch of required workers, when and where they are needed.

Contract coordinators continuously monitor each individual contract, as well as performance of every employee deployed, and recommend changes and/or adjustments as deemed necessary.

As recruitment agents, SBMSI handles all allotment requirements as provided for by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) of the Philippine’s Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). It provides its Principals with comprehensive monthly statements of accounts, which are properly supported.

Therefore, Principals are assured of a worry-free service.


ABC GLOBAL Employment & Manpower Services, Inc.


  • Manpower Contracting
  • Professional Recruitment
  • Permanent and Interim Staffing
  • Executive Search
  • Skilled Recruitment
  • Project Management

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